Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have home!

Finally! I'm still in Denmark, and I already have new home... I already thought it is mission impossible to find something that satisfies my long requirement list
- nice flatmates (a must)
- friends coming by, friends staying overnight (guys, you'll have to visit me!)
- cooking (believe or not, they just don't do that)
- not too expensive
- close to center

The university accomodation option was discarded at once. Not only no cooking and no guests - one cannot have a person of opposite sex in the room behind closed door. Very dangerous :))) I had ads in few websites with long explanation about my desires for friendly roommates, no rules, and still the only offers I get are those "no cooking, no guests, king size bed" style. Why do they need king size beds if they cannot invite anyone?! Some offers from couples living with kids. In Singapore, you must have a nice home. Even if you cannot afford it, and need to stuff it with strangers. They don't really care, who you are, just be clean and "professional". Oh, I also got some kind of dating invitations. But I will listen to my mum and not look for chinese guys :))

At the end, I have everything! Found in couchsurfing. Ok, it will take me an hour to get to work, but who cares if I have real home. My new flatmates are hard-core couchsurfers, so I am sure there'll always be people around. Just like in old times in Danmarksgade, hehe. I've just missed a housewarming party at my new home, but we'll make more. Eh, I already want to be in Singapore...
As you can see I even have two floors :)) But it might decrease to one when I am there... Of course, everyone is welcome! Can help finding cheap(er) flights :)