Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Pictures here

KL = Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. Like everything else here, it's always called by the short name. After my hospital adventures, it was a while I did not get out of Singapore, and I felt I have to do that right away. Many consider KL not worth attention, one more Singapore (though I like the latter one a lot!), but how could I miss this magic city, a sticker from which was hanging in my toilet (!) since I was born. I dreamed of koalas living there... actually, the name means "muddy confluence (of the river)".

Trip there is easy. Just cross the boarder to JB (Johor Bahru, a city just at the boarder) station and be attacked by guys shouting "KLKLKLKLKL". In 15 min, I am already on the way. The driver promised 4h trip, so I hope to be there in 5h. Takes 6.5h, and there's no time for anything else but go straight to bed. Ratna, a cool Indian/Malaysian girl picked me up in the station and we still spent half night chatting.

Next day, early early out of bed to get tickets to Petronas Towers, once the highest building in the world, and now the highest twin-building. Our time is 2pm, apparently there are many taking advantage of free entrance. After all, they gave 30min presentation of how cool is the company, and 10 min on the top. But now I can say been there, done it.

Batu caves - a Hindu temple inside a cave on the top of the hill - is the next point. That's where Hindus walk during the Thaipusan festival with hooks pierced in their backs and face, dragging heavy burdens behind. Ratna's father did that - apparently, they are in trans and it does not hurt. No, they don't get high, just have a month of preparation, and play drums before it all starts.

In the afternoon - a huge CS birthday party, more like a wedding. Soooo many people, so much food. No drinks - it's a muslim house - and once again I see how people here can have fun without alcohol. Lots of fun! Now I have 100 new friends in Malaysia :) There was even Latvian-Lithuanian girl. And a guy from HK, that teaches people how to use their brain few times per month. The rest he can travel. Apparently his brain is very efficient :) I should attend his class... 12h per day at work, and no use.

On Sunday I randomly bumped into Malay food fair, all kinds of delicious cooked food, free for all. That was an eating weekend :) The day ended in little India with delicious dinner for ~1 euro for 2. I must say, KL is really pleasant, still clean, but there's something in the air that is not in Singapore. Could live there, especially with danish salary :)) The place I stayed, a huge nice apartment, big room, the price is a quarter of my box. Ratna told her guest was missing aircon and "western standards" or whatever... hm... then he'd think he's a hero he survived the cockroach attack in mine, hehe. Though, I love my pets :)