Monday, November 26, 2007

A couple days trip to SGH

Have never heard of SGH? Well it's not very far away. It was not my intention to go there, but they convinced, so I thought two days won't do much bad... I must admit, quite interesting. Food is awesome, indian curries, chinese vegetarian, malay seafood, even "western" steamed fish was really nice. Usually here understanding of western food is some crapy steak/sausage with fries or pasta, ketchup, and always beans. I am sure chinese the same way enjoy chinese food back in Europe. Back to SGH, people are super friendly and kind. Would do anything for you, always wondering if you are fine and not missing anything. Just it's freezing. And for a bed in dorm for 2 they rip off like Hilton. Ok, if you did not realize yet I had a chance to explore hospital life. Not that I was very sick, but also signing a doccument that I am going against doctor's advice did not seem the right thing to do. Anyway, just a small tropical living being inhabitted my right eye. Certainly the worst eye infection I could ever imagine. But now I am fine, no worries. Tomorrow I am going to work, and I am happy about that like never. Though, they gave me a paper giving me 31 days of holidays. I could wave it and go traveling... not. Eh, sometimes phd has disadvantages over normal job.

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